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How to use your Hairdryer Properly

How to use Your Hairdryer ProperlyDid you know that there is actually a right and wrong way to use your hair dryer? If you’re a hair stylist or in hairdressing, you probably already know the right techniques and how to use dryers properly, but for those of us who don’t know, let’s take a moment […]

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How to Keep Your Hairdryer Clean?

How To Keep Your Hairdryer Clean?Keeping your hair care products clean is so very important to how your dryer runs and operates long-term, so go ahead and have a little read on how you can maintain your hair dryer for peak performance and to get the best hair styling and drying outcomes! How often should […]

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Love Hair Extension Product Review

Love Hair Extensions Product Review Lоvе Human Hаіr Extensions аrе ideal for аn instant mаkеоvеr and, made оf 100% rеаl hair, thеу lооk, fееl and bеhаvе like уоur оwn–mаkіng blеndіng, ѕtуlіng аnd mаіntаіnіng thеm hassle-free. With their instant Clір-In and Gо! system you’ll hаvе a hаіr makeover іn just mіnutеѕ.Furthermore, you саn wаѕh, curl, straighten […]

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Top 10 Tips: Hair-care for Extensions

Top 10 Tips: Hair-care for Extensions Hair Extensions are more popular now than ever and for many reasons! As bonding technology and application methods evolve and improve, hair lovers benefit from a wider array of styles, types and textures that aren’t as heavy or taxing on the scalp.If you have hair extensions or are considering investing […]

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